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How did time travel affect the storyline of Judgement day in T3?

The major thing that the Terminator 3 movie emphasis is that Judgement Day is inevitable. All of the time travel, damage to Cyberdyne Systmes and the like did was postpont the inevitable according to the film. If this is true and judgement day can be delayed a few years due to time travel you could make the same argument that time travel delayed the exact years that termiantors are sent to kill. Its not hard to come to the conclusion its possible that the exact same Arnie terminator model was in all the films then. Of course Arnie will meet John again in the future as he says he will if he has to in order for the time line to continue. This possiblity is discussed here..

Another aspect that time travel seems to have effected is the development of Skynet. In the first and second movies Skynet was described as largely a centralized computer network plugged into everything. By terminator 3 skynet is basically a virus that took control of internet machines, military servers, and anything else it could. It is possible this is how skynet always was throughout the saga but it is more likely that time travel changed the development of Skynet and what it is along with the date of Judgement day.

Another thing altered because of time travel include the number system of machines formerely developed by Cyberdyne systems in the future world as Cyberdyen Systems was destroyed in the second movie. Robert Brewster was developing the first terminators the T-1 rather than Cyberdyne Systems in this movie for example. Read more about the T-101 vs T-800 Series 101 numbering systems.

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