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Alias: Art Vandaley, an imaginary architect or make do import export businessman.

Fears: His personal world colliding with his relationship world.

Friends: George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine. Jerry is his best friend.

Work Traits: Lazy, likes to hide, enjoys sleep at work

Jobs: Many which he often quits or gets fired from

Lifestyle: lives with his parents often

Dreams: to be an architect, to be a screenwriter, to have sex with a really tall

George Castanza, is a short, fat bald man by his own admission. In life he is unemployed for long periods of time and lives with his parents whom he hates very often. George has tried almost every job imagineable, and finds a way to get fired almost without fail. His relationships are a series of blunders. In relationships normal will not work for George so "sick is the only way to go," as he puts it.

George's Fears

George fears a colliding of worlds between relationship George and indepedent George. By this he fears those whom he has relationships with merging into the world of those he has friendships with. "A George divided against itself can not stand." George fears his relationships, "relationship George" killing the independence he has known as "independence George."


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George Costanza utilizes his great intellect for the most inconsequential of purposes, often finding a way to get into the most embarassing sort of troubles imaginable. George posed for some glamour shots taken by Kramer, at the right is one of the more interesting shots created. George had the pictures taken because he thought the photomat girl liked him because he didn't get all of his photos back. In his mind that meant she kept some pictures for herself.

George decides to leave some special pictures for her develop one day. A big man develops them at the photomat instead. Before the postal inspectors, George is accused of running a strange perverted mail order pornography business. The poster at left is held up as evidence against him. The poster was so goofy looking that it has been released commercially.

George's Jobs

He worked at the New York Yankees under George Steinbrenner. He was given a big desk and a nice office which he really enjoyed. George would hide under the desk to avoid being found at work. This enabled him to get "real work" done which for George would be nothing.

George works as a handicap man for Play Now Inc. and enjoys all of its perks and benefits. He is given his own bathroom which Jerry nicknames Xanadu. George walks with a cane and is spotted having a limp with different legs. At first he plays off this inconcistancy by pointing to a mirror and demonstrating how a mirror image might appear to another. His boss does not buy it so George is assumed to have a limp with both legs. He is given a motorized wheelchair. After getting into a fight with a bunch of senior citizens he takes off on in his motorized cart. It runs out of juice and then he runs with it carrying it overhead. His boss from work spots him and his handicap perks at work are over. Since he has a contract, they can't fire him. They lock him out of his bathroom; he simply breaks in. They lock him from his office; he simply crawls in through a vent. Eventually the company has to pay him to leave; such is the way of George.

George works in an office job for Mr Krueger as part of a management team. George discovers that he always seems to stick his foot in his mouth when he talks too long at meetings. One day he decides to just leave on a high note, or after making one good, funny comment. This strategy works well until his boss starts doing it too. Then George is paired with his boss on a project. The boss adapts George's work ethic and soon George is doing it all.

George's Dreams

To movie To California and enjoy the success of the show Jerry which George, and Jerry have been pitching to NBC for sometime.

George imagines himself as an architect. He refers to himself as Art Vandalay on occasion to impress people. He even invents the fictitious Vandalay Industries to impress people as well.

George dreams of having his parents be less of a meddlesome force in his life. But when he gets this wish, he seems to want a bit more of their attention.

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