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Collection Pictures

*See this sites Replica Prop Collection Page By Item for more detailed Explanation of what things are.


Below are pictures of my replica T-800 Terminator Endoskeleton. I got it from Puerto Rico. It includes some hardware items, a piece of wood to give it strength in the spine area, and its wearing a Earth Final Conflict Crew cap obtained from an Assistant Director on the show.

Closeup pictures of the hand and arm areas. The scrap mark above the piston on the left picture is due to a fall the Terminator took in the first day or so I had it.


Pictures of some Airsoft Replicas and a replica damaged M-60 of resin.

Pictures of my Replica Chewbacca Mask mounted on a broken bucket, a Russian Officer hat, An East German officer hat, a replica Civil war hat, and a replica Terminator Endoskull.

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