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Adventures in Babysitting

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Chris Parker played by Elisabeth Shue

Chris is the hot babysitter chosen by Sara's parents to babysit their little princess while they go out and enjoy themselves. Chris ends up taking little Sara, her brother Brad, and his friend Daryl on a true adventure throughout the city. She gets between a gang fight on a subway, sings the Blues, rescues her nearly blind friend Brenda and is mistaken for a Playboy playmate on a few occasions. This babysitter is the embodyment of any young boys wishes for a babysitter. Why she is chosen to babysit a little girl rather than a boy is the only real irony of the film.

Brad Anderson played by Keith Coogan

Brad is Sara's brother. He has a crush of sorts on the babysitter Chris. When the babysitter embarks on her journey through the city Chris is quick to agree to tag along. He stands up for her when rival gangs are about to go at it; this nets him a knife in the foot. In short even with his sister and best friend going along he has a true dream date of sorts with Chris Parker as he enjoys risk and adventure with her leading it all.

Daryl Coopersmith played by Anthony Rapp

Daryl is one of Brad's friends. He gets to go along with the babysitter on her adventure throughout the city. His contribution to the film is stealing a playboy magazine from a group of gangsters with important notes joted inside. This leads to the criminals chasing the babysitter and crew throughout the city.

Sara Anderson played by Maia Brewton

Sara is the little girl the babysitter is supposed to be watching at home. Her hero is the superhero Thor which she shows by wearing Thor type hats like in the picture at left.

Dawson ('Thor') played by Vincent D'Onofrio

This guy is a car mechanic that fixes the damage to the car the babysitter was driving in. To young Sara he is Thor, a norse god and comic book hero. She convinces him to repair their car by appealing to his sense to be her hero.

The Towing Man with Hooks

This is the friendly fellow that tows away the babysitter's car. He scares little Sara a big but he is not such a bad fellow.

The Smooth Criminal

This is a low level chop shop worker that helps the babysitter and her crew escape the pursuits of the mob boss and his goons. He eventually retrieves a Playboy magazine with secretive mob info from the babysitter's crew which ends his boss' pursuit of the babysitter. This guy looks a lot like a poor mans interpretation of a rapping version of Michael Jackson from the 80's.

The Mob Boss

This fellow operates chop chops and earns a living off of crime at various levels. He and his people have a strange habit of scribbling important crime details inside Playboy magazines. When the babysitter's crew of Daryl and Brad steal one of the playboys, this guy has to dispatch his goons to try to retrieve it from the babysitter.

The Parents

The parents of Sara and Brad entrusted Chris a babysitter with the care of Sara while they went out at night. The babysitter almost gets seen by them at a restaurant and has to rush home at top speed to avoid them discovering just how much danger and adventure she has put their little daughter through.

Brenda, The Babysitter's Blind Friend played by Penelope Ann Miller

Brenda is the babysitter's friend that wears glasses. When she loses them she is nearly blind and has to call on the babysitter to help take her home.

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