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Adventures in Babysitting

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Merchandise & Collectibles

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Posters and Photos

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The Babysitter's Survival Guide

This 144 page book features guidelines and games for babysitters to help them entertain as well as survive those they babysit.

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Visionaries: Thor

This 288 Page Illustrated book features a collection of classic stories about the Mighty Thor, a Marvel comic book character that young Sara worships in the film..

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Other Merchandise

Switchblade Knives

In the movie Adventures in Babysitting, the babysitter in one scene encounters two rival gangs about ready to fight to the death. The babysitter uses a stiletto switchblade knife and a colorful "Don't fuck with the babysitter" to get away from this would be disaster. Switchblade knives are items not allowed to be sold on ebay. So alternative online auctions arose to sell these sorts of products. The best place to search for them is a place called Gunbroker Auctions that sells firearms, knives, brass knuckles and related things. It an auction set up just like ebay even using ebay's software. Recently upon looking at the site I found an awesome selection of switchblade knives like the one pictured below up for auction. You have to register before you can bid but its easy as you only have to fill out a simple form at The registration part of the site is on the far right under the new users section. Once you have registered to bid if you are interested in switchblade knives and kits you should enter Godfather Switchblade at the site to look for the exact item pictured at the right..

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