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General Sites small fan page with pictures the Internet Movie database's guide to the cast and crew of the film. features a guide to the movie's inappropriate aspects for children.

Quizes and Trivia features a collection of nitpicks or errors in continuity which are present in the movie. features a collection of slipups or errors featured in the film. features goofs from the movie as featured at the Internet Movie Database.

Image Galleries features a collection of Blade themed wallpapers features gallery of 38 images from the film.

Sounds features a large collection of wav files from the film. features a single wav files of a memorable line from the film

Soundtrack Sites purchase the Blade movie soundtrack from

Blade Soundtrack Lyrics

Quotes features a collection of quotes from the film courtesy of the internet movie database Blade

Reviews^Blade+(1998) features links to 148 sites with reviews of the movie from the movie review query engine. features links to 114 reviews of the movie from the internet movie database. Read Roger Ebert's positive review of the film in which he states "This is the kind of movie that gets better the more you know about the genre."

Blade prop and Costume Sites features information about Blade's weapons and other props from the film's Blade Prop Price Guide - a guide to prices that screen used Blade props have sold for in the past.

Traci Lords Sites

Traci Lords Official Site - official fan site for a mainstream actress that starred in Blade and is known for her 1980's Adult films she created before age 18, making her the most infamous child porn star of all time. She also was a Penthouse Pet of the Month before it was realized she was under 18. site about Traci Lords featuring a textual overview of her career

IMDb: Traci Lords - a filmography of Traci Lords films, bio, and links.

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