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The Blair Witch Project

Three amateur teen documentary film makers travel to a wooded area where legend has it a witch has been killing people for years. The movie starts off with inquries with the town folks about what they know. They interviewed one old guy that genuinely appeared a moron. After many useless questions and no answers the trio wanders off into the woods with backpacks, cameras, and sound equipment to record what they find.

The groups leader more or less is the female Heather. She yells at her two male travelers for losing the map and attempts to guide the crew through the forest even though they are hopelessly lost. The one scene she is most famous for is the bathroom break that one of her friends comments on. Eventually the group pitches their tents and makes camp. A dispute emerges when Heather discovers one of her friends threw the map they were using away because it didn't seem helpful to then.

At night the three sleep, but in the middle of the night one of them dissapears. The two survivors call his name but find nothing. Heather tries to appear nonchalant with her need to get her camera out, it kind of diffuses the intended suspense of the scene. Silly bent stick structures are found around camp and Heather and her remaining traveler comment on just what those things are suppose to be. They appear as bent sticks made in 5 minutes to start a fire perhaps, not too creepy in the least.

Finally its down to just Heather. she does her famous run in the woods, with a closeup up her face which previews for the film often show. "Hello anyone out there," she inquires before taking a mad semi frightened run through the woods. Ultimately she winds up at a house filled with holes from termite attacks. Gee thats a safe place to explore now isn't it? She moves inside but someone else appears scuffling around in the house. Heather enters the house and then appears to just run into a wall and die like the little green dude in a multiplayer Doom computer game.

Most find the film a critical success of realism and ingenuity. I see the only real ingenuity as the marketing and peer pressure this film exerted on others to see it. With multi minute scenes of nothing but dark dead air I couldn't help but laugh and think gee a bit of editing would be nice. Throughout the film the characters complain of wishing to abandon their quest. Such whining becomes a bit old. The movie was scary to some, but more sophisticated types may find the whole thing either a bore or a good laugh. I found the film a good laugh with some slow moments that gave time to poke fun of the movie among friends. Its a good Mystery Science Theater 3000 type of movie.

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