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Delta Force

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Major Scott McCoy played by Chuck Norris

The major at the beginning of the movie is seen training with his men. In short he is beating them up a few at a time. When a US plane is hijacked he and his Delta Force team are dispatched to the scene. On the ground in Middle Eastern territory the major fires a rocket from a motorcycle, kills all that stand in his way and frees hostages.

Colonel Nick Alexander played by Lee Marvin

The Colonel is Major Scott's commander. He goes along on the attack to free Americans hostages trapped on the grown as the oldest Delta Force member one could ever imagine. This was Lee Marvin's last film before his death. He was also famous for his role in the Dirty Dozen.

Lead Hijacker

This guys is polished and clean and speaks fairly good English. He looks like a prince of a small Middle Eastern country. At the very start of the hijacking he goes into the cabin of the airplane and asks who is in charge. After the captain says that he is in charge, this hijacker shoots the captain and then asks his question again. This time the answer is that he, the hijacker is in charge.

Assistant Hijacker

This hijacker doesen't speak much English and more or less just watches over the passengers as his boss does the thinking and strategy for the two of them. He sure is a creepy looking character and looks the part of the streotypical hijacker eager to bash heads in and maintain order.

Father O'Malley played by George Kennedy

This priest is coralled to the front of the plane along with the US military traveling on the plane and people of Jewish descent. He mutters that if the hijackers are going to take the Jews then he has to go too as Jesus was a jew and all Christians are to a degree. It is interesting that the actor playing this serious role played a goofy one in the comedy spoof Airplane.

Stewardess Ingrid played by Hanna Schygulla

This Swedish looking stewardess is ordered to go through the passports and ID's and pick out any Jewish sounding names. She at first refuses but ultimately has to do what she is told.

Female Passenger

This frightened looking lady sits calmly in her seat until the hijackers separate her husband from the others. She then tells the other passengers that "They're Only Two of Them, We can take them." She does nothing to put any action behind her words though so nothing comes of her defiant phrases, but they sound so good in the movie.

"Negotiation Guy"

This guy tries to talk with the Americans about possible negotiations after it is apparent to him that they can't win a fight on the ground. Chuck Norris' character hears them loud and clear and then proceeds to attack. This is the film's frightened "I'm ready to negotiate" character.

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