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Delta Force

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Every army of the world today has its own special forces units. In the US Army there are the Army Rangers, and the Delta Force. This movie focuses on the heroics, professionalism and skill deployed by Delta Force members in response to a terrorist hijacking.

The movie begins with A US flight hijacked by "terrorists" and its occupants being held hostage. Those with Jewish sounding names are placed up front as if for later execution. On the ground in the United States, a Delta Forces commander (Chuck Norris) is deeply involved in training exercises with his men. Basically he is embarssing them by overpowering them one right after the other in hand to hand tactics. Then the men suit up and prepare to board a transport jet so that they can rendevous with wherever the hijacked jumbo jet may land.

As the Delta Force members turn and assume their respective combat stances, the screen freezes and the legendary theme music from the movie begins. THE DELTA FORCE title fills the screen and the credits begin to roll. The movie continues with such planned excellence.

Eventually the plane lands in a Middle Eastern locale and there the Delta Force is to roll into action. In one scene Chuck Norris spins around a motorcycle and then stares down several enemy attackers before his motorcycle launches a rocket right at them.

The action is intense, the opening theme music is phenomenal, and Chuck Norris is specatacular in the film. The movie ends with the hostages being freed, the purpetrators of the terrorism being found and again a nice replaying of the movie's theme music at the end. The movie was followed by two sequels. Delta Force 2 starred Chuck Norris again and involved drug war activities. Delta Force 3 did not star Chuck Norris and involved an attempted terrorist bomb plot against a major US city.

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