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Delta Force

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Merchandise & Collectibles

The Delta Force

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Delta Force 2 - Operation Strang

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Posters and Photos

Delta Force 2

The Delta Force 2 poster is fairly rare but it can be purchased from Movie goods.

Original Delta Force Poster

The original Delta Force poster is currently out of print and quite hard to find. The best place to find it ebay. To search for this poster to bid on enter the keyword Delta Force Poster in the ebay search box below. To bid at ebay you have to be a registered member, if you haven't registered before its easy as you only have to fill out an online form after you have found something that interests you.

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Delta Force: The Army's Elite Counterterrorist Unit

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The Commandos: The Inside Story of Americas Secret Soldiers

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Uniforms and Costumes

In the Delta Force movies a variety of military and anti terrorism themed uniforms are utilized. While most "Halloween style" military costumes are very cheaply made and don't really look all that good, there are quite a few quality military costumes that can be purchased online for adults, children, and even toddlers. Below are pictures of an adult Swat costume, a toddler army costume, and a regular camoflauged adult soldier costume. To view more US military costumes, uniforms, Russian uniforms, and other costumes for adults, children, toddlers, and women that are for sale visit this sites Delta Force costume section.

Guns and Weapons

*For information about other popular gun replicas not listed below see's Matrix movie gun section

US Tank Killer Projectile

This is a deactivated tank killing projectile originally made for the United States M1A1 Battle Tank to be used against Soviet tanks during the Cold War. Item is 18 inches tall, over 8 pounds, and bears an original Department of Defense Item Number. In Delta Force Chuck Norris fires a rocked not quite as powerful as this one from his motorcycle. This rocket can be purchased exlusively from Sovietski performing a search for Tank.
AK-47 Rifle Aka Avtomat Kalasnikov 47

This is an Airsoft AK-47 replica. They are seen for sale for less than $100 often on ebay. The AK-47 is a cheap weapon popular with underfunded militarys's and "terrorists." The gun carries a clip of plastic BB's and fires them one at a time. There are also automatic Airsoft guns that fire BB's at a very fast rate, but they are very much more expensive on ebay. The orange tip at the end is to comply with ebay rules and new regulations on firearms replica. You can just paint it black. Enter the phrase AK-47 rifle in the ebay Search box at the right to search for guns like this to bid on at ebay.

Uzi Submachine Gun

This is an airsoft replica of an IMI Uzi 9mm Submachine gun. It includes a folding stock, removeable clip and the capacity to fire BB's one at a time. This gun is often seen on ebay for less than $50. This type of gun is the same type utilized by Chuck Norris during invasion scenes to free the captured hostages. Enter the phrase Uzi in the ebay Search box at the right to search for guns like this to bid on at ebay.

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