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The Lawn Mower Man

The movie begins with a chimpanzee escaping a computer research complex. Armed with a gun and wearing virtual reality goggles he goes on a killing spree until he finally is killed. This chimpanzee was part of a research project aimed at increasing intelligence. One of the researchers at the complex notices his dull witted neighbor, Jobe at home who is euphmestically referred to as the lawnmower man because he mows everyone's yard. The researcher comes up with the brilliant idea of performing experimentation on Jobe similar to experiments that had caused the chimpanzee to raise hell earlier. After asking Jobe if he wants to be smarter, Jobe agrees to participate in the researcher's plans.

The researcher pumps Jobe with drugs to improve his brain chemistery and forces Jobe to play a series of virtual reality games to improve his mental ability to process depth and shapes. The tests become progressively harder but Jobe becomes progressively smarter and more indepedent. When someone comes to whip him with a belt he stands up for himself as he never had before.With time Jobe gains telepathic powers in addition to intelligence.

Power and intelligence cause Jobe to become evil. Gone is the simple man who everyone could pick on because he had no clue what was going on. Seeing his townfolk for the enemies they have been he seeks their deaths. At first Jobe kills with a lawn mower just by wishing it with his mind. By the movie's end Jobe has created his own sense of power within computers. He downloads himself within the internet and emerges as Cyberjobe. From then on he uses telecommunication networks, and electronics connected to such devices to let his power be known to the world. This powerful being proclaims "my battle cry will be the sound of every telephone in the universe ringing in unison."

The movie features incredibly futuristic computer generated VR games scenes. Its also one of the first movies to showcase VR Goggles, and bodysuits. The movie is loosely based on a Stephen King short story and prompted a sequel in which Jobe returns as a purely digital being intent on ruling the world.

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