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Short Circuit

Just what would happen if a military robot was set loose in America before all its kinks could be worked out. In Short Circuit this is the scenario that plays out in the film. The film begins with a test before military brass of a new series of military robots with laser weapons. The robots are wheeled machines, feature a laser powered weapon, and can follow commands without question. Is this to be the future of war some wonder?

During the tests of these machines, one of them is struck by lightening and damaged. This machine is known as number 5 for its order of creation. Somehow after being struck by lightening number 5 becomes drawn to travel the world and leave behind his fellow robots. The robot finally makes it to the home of a girl that sells ice cream in a truck for a living. The actress playing this girl is Ally Sheedy the same actress that played the basketcase in The Breakfast Club.

At first the ice cream girl thinks that the robot is an alien life form. But finally she sees information in english on the robot and she comes to her senses. But just what is this robot and where is it from she wonders? Number 5 queries his female compaion for information and "input." Flipping through books at hundreds of pages a minute the machine gobbles up everything it can. It watches TV and learns about popular culture and even about death. The machine wrecks havoc in public as it reads every book in site.

On the trail of number 5 are its creator and his doopy Indian assistant that can never get his english sayings right. By the movie's end number 5 has outwitted his fellow machines, and his creator his fallen in love with the girl that taught number 5 the ways of the world. The movie is best classifed as a Sci-fi comedy for kids but its funny for kids of all ages. The movie was followed by a sequel in which the creator's assitant tries to make it in the free market world. Number 5 spoils the plans of a den of theieves and a factory is used to turn out little toy number 5's.

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