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General Sites contains a script online to read, quotes, pictures, links and info about Mel Brooks the director of the film. contains cast interviews, pictures with funny comments, links, and sounds the Internet Movie database's guide to the cast and crew of the film.

Quizes and Trivia features a collection of nitpicks or errors in continuity which are present in the movie. features a collection of slipups or errors featured in the film. features goofs from the movie as featured at the Internet Movie Database.

Image Galleries contains a gallery of small photos from the film contains a gallery of photos from the film with funny comments

Sounds features a collection of wav files from the film focusing on dialogue by Dark Helmet and his lieutenant along with dialogue between Barf and Lone Star contains a few brief wav file snippets from memorable lines from the film

Quotes features a collection of quotes from the film courtesy of the internet movie database features a collection of quotes focusing on extended dialogue exchange between characters on topics such as the "major asshole," light speed, and the nature of time. contains a transcript of the opening credits that scroll up the screen Star Wars style and tell a story

Reviews features links to 21 sites with reviews of the movie from the movie review query engine. features links to 24 reviews of the movie from the internet movie database. Read Roger Ebert's average review of the film in which he states "I did laugh, but not enough to recommend the film."

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