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This Island Earth

An Alien Planet on the verge of annihilation brings visitors to Earth for the purpose of recruiting the world's best scientists to aid the salvation of an alien world. The Aliens appear human except their heads are rather large and they all have white hair. One scientist is contacted via his own television and told to travel to an out of the way location so that he can be utlized for the research projects he is best skilled in. He arrives with many others and various research is conducted at this mansion of a location. But in reality the research was being conducted on the scientists themselves; the purpose of the research was to determine the world's best scientist. He was to be taken to the Alien's homeworld along with a female companion to help them with their problems.

Ultimately the best rises to the top and after an explanation of the nature of things, he agrees to travel with them to their home planet. The craft they travel in is disc shaped like the proverbial flying saucers so popular in the period. Throughout space another alien force attacks this tiny craft with meteorite like projectiles. On the home planet in need, such attacking projectiles are decimating the surface of the planet. Life has been forced to go underground.

In the end the human scientist could not save the planet, and barely escaped a genetically bred guard as he finally escaped with his female companion, stole an alien vessel and headed for Earth. Just moments after they lifted off the planet was all but destroyed. No life could survive anymore. So the travel for the Earth of man has caused this Alien world, "this island Earth." to dissapear from the mind.

This movie while considered a classic, was the base movie that served as the constituent part of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie. In the MST3000 movie this movie was made comical and for true fans of the original classic, the jokes prove quite humorous.

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