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Wizard of Oz

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General Sites features trivia info, timeline, cast info, favorite character polls, Ruby Slipper info, and more the official Wizard of Oz site featuring coloring book images, photo gallery, DVD info, contests, and games. cast and crew details, quotes, goofs, and links interesting tidbits about the low tech means used to generate some of the special effects in the movie

Costumes features info on how to make costumes along with costumes available for purchase

*Also see info about prices realized for props and costumes used in the movie

* Also see this site's Wizard of Oz Costumes for Sale Section

Analysis and Essays an essay which compares the Wizard Of Oz to Star Wars an essay which analyzes possible Christian themes present in the movie.

Forums and Message Boards a harsh review and a message board with user comments meant to make fun of the movie the Internet Movie Database's message board for the Wizard of Oz

Educational Guides features background info on the movie, and example questions teachers can use. an analysis of the film's appropriateness for children, and background details a collection of coloring book images from the movie meant to be printed out and colored a collection of coloring book images from the official Wizard of Oz site

Quizes features interactive quizes of a few questions, your score can be recorded if you register trivia questions about the Wizard of Oz book

Trivia and Bloopers contains a large collection of well explained errors present in the film a collection of mistakes in continuity which are present in the movie features lots of goofs from the movie courtesy of the Internet Movie Database a collection of trivia facts about the movie and its production and cast courtesy of the Internet Movie Database

Scripts and Sound Lyrics a detailed shooting script for the movie all on a single large page you can scroll the script in text format. the lyrics to the "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" song.

Image Galleries a collection of large images from the movie from an FTP site contains a single page of thumnailed images from the movie courtesy of the official Wizard of Oz site features four pages of medium sized images from the movie

Sounds includes samples from every song track from the CD soundtrack courtesy of features sounds from the movie in wav format along with pictures which help represent the moments from the movie the sounds come from features sound files in wav format from the movie

Quotes features a collection of quotes courtesy of the Internet Movie Database that were originally submitted by fans features a collection of quotes from the movie

Reviews Features links to 51 external review sites from the Internet Movie Database.^Wizard+of+Oz,+The+(1939) Features links to 51 review sites courtesy of the Movie Review Query Engine Roger Ebert's positive review in which he states of the film that "we still watch it six decades later because its underlying story penetrates straight to the deepest insecurities of childhood, stirs them and then reassures them." a five page review featuring a detailed analysis of the films plot

General Halloween Sites a link list to a variety of sites about Halloween

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