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The Betty and Barney Hill Incident

A married couples encounters trouble in their marriage brought on by nightmares of an unknown origin. They seek the help of hypnotism therapy and allow their subconcious memories to be brought out. Barney Hill is played by James Earl Jones, and his wife is played by a white actress. The film plays the interracial marriage twist, but the true story this movie is based on had a marriage set up along the same lines so it is not any planned Hollywood manipulation. Barney Hill and Betty each recount their experiences driving on one late night that they both experienced missing time. Missing time is when you lose track of a substantial portion of time due to unknown reasons. They each recount that they followed a bright light they saw in the woods. As they approach their car stops. Little Blue aliens approach them and encourage them to come out. Betty goes with them with no fear, while Barney is quite frightened. He is frightened even though he has a pistol in his pocket which he seems unable to reach for. As they travel farther in the woods a taller alien, more humanoid in apperance joins them as if to welcome them. The usual battery of alien medical tests commences on these two subjects. Before Betty leaves she is talked to one on one by the ship's commander who asks her if she knows where she is and then points to a star chart. She says that she doesen't but that many people on Earth do, and its not fair to judge Humanity based on her lack of knowledge in this area. The commander tells her where they are, and offers to give her a copy of the star map he was using. But then another alien intervenes and then it is decided that she can not take the chart with her. Before the pschologist that she is being hynoptically regressed before, she draws the map and it reveals star clusters that science at that time was not aware of. The movie consists of various sessions in which the hypnotist records their sessions and then plays them back to them. With time they grow less afraid of this chapter in their lives. Sometimes the unknown is the greatest fear of all, at least in this movie for Betty and Barney Hill it is.

Sci-fi: Alien abduction
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