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Fire in the Sky

Three loggers traveling by truck encounter a strange bright light in the sky and decide to investigate further. They pull their truck over and one of them, Travis hops out of the truck to get a better look. As he gazes to the sky a beam of bright light focuses down on him. Immediately he is paralyzed and lifted into the air and into a strange craft circling above. The action focuses on his encounters onboard this alien vessel. He is dragged about by small ogre like brown aliens and then operated on by large headed blue aliens. These are the so called blues and grays of UFO folklore.

In one scene plastic is affixed over his face so he can't even scream. Denied the ability to move he sits like a guiena pig just waiting to be disected, prodded, or even just disposed of. Several days later Travis magically appears near a truck stop and is promptly picked up by his friends. He tells the story of his dissaperance to a local sherriff and a lie detector expert. The loggers that were with him are also questioned. These are the so called "debriefing" scenes so to speak that often follow UFO encounters as everyone is quick to debunk people making such allegations.

Travis grows distant from everyone but finally in the end comes to terms with his encounter. He jokes that next time he won't step out of the truck when a strange light appears in the sky. The movie featured some terrifyingly realistic alien encounter scenes that will raise the pulse of even the strongest naysayers of UFO folklore.

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