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In this issue:

Site moves to its own domain

Startifacts puts Kiss music costumes and musical instruments up for sale for more than $250,000

Texas Sci-fi Convention features several Star Wars ANH celebrity stars

Lucas Arts shuts down and forces to cease producton of their replica stormtrooper armor

You might be a propcollector humor

For sale: Robocop 3 OCP police Patches


**Site Moves to In the past this site was hosted at a server in uncg and known as propworld. The site has just moved to its new home and much more has been expanded upon and created than was ever present at the older site. Prop and costume Collecting price guides, message boards, as well as new dealer and collector links have been added. The new site will not only cover prop and costume collecting but attempt to cover Televison and Movie interests as well as amateur and professional production resources. The idea with owning sci-fi weapons and costumes is to recreate the themes of their respective hollywood productions and perhaps reinact theme at home isn't it? So expect increased amateur video making information to make such more realizable by anyone. Everything from laser effects to stock video for productions will be covered.Site updates include; V section added list of all licensed merchandise and more info about props and costumes from the show. Tv and movie pages added robocop pages and Aliens movie pages. Prop and costume collecting added a lot. Production resources section still really under development but added links to various producton related resources thus far.

**Startifacts recently put up a set of KISS costumes and musical instruments for bid on ebay for 250,000. This was of course to draw attention to this item mainly and not to sell it directly on ebay as such an item is bought only after much thought. The price I found to be humorous. This item most likely is being sold on commision I believe.

**Texas Sci-fi convention hosts 8 celebrity guests from the original Star wars trilogy. Guests include Kenny Baker(r2-d2), Phil Brown (uncle ben?), Jeremy Bulloch (Bobba Fett), Michael Carter (bib fortuna), Maria de Aragon (greedo), Michael Edmonds (an ewok), The kurtz sisters (jawas), John Hollis (lobot?), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), and Billy Dee Williams (Lando). Event scheduled for May 21-23 in Plano, Texas (972)578-0213 More info available at

**Star Wars fever seems to be gripping the country. Recently Star Wars licensed items were released for the first time. Many humorous scenes could be witnessed at Toys R US locations throughout the nation as eager fans plowed into each other within the stores with everyone fighting for the Dark Maul figures. But Lucas Arts has been up to more than just licensing toys and games. Recently was forced by LucasArts to stop production of their popular "white body armor" In addtion scarely produced for a few months before they were forced to end producton of their costumes. Stormtrooperarmor had pictures of nice elaborate and expensive production equipment so its no wonder that any studio in the world would not shut them down. They actually were going to market their stuff as wearable stormtrooper armor at They were not adept in the art of copyright law and it showed so clearly. Expect more about the history of unlicensed star wars items in this newsletter and at in the future.



Your house has more firearms made of foam rubber or resin than of actual steel.

You can stare into a mirror for hours looking at yourself holding your latest Sci-fi weapon acquisition while muttering corny lines from the corresponding movie and repeadtly jumping about and falling as if to simulate an attack by your enemies.

You sleep in a special Sci-fi costume and justify it by the belief that you are wearing a more sophisticated undergarment than the Superman underoos you used to wear when younger.

You have actually watched your favorite sci-fi movie or TV show in costume with the corresponding weapon and attempted to interact with the tv as if the tv should see your original gun and costume as proof that you too must have been a part of the production.

You refer to your kenner stormtrooper toy pistol as "an unpainted, unfinished, unmodified prop weapon"

When you visited Planet Hollywood in Disneyworld, Orlando you actually attempted to stand on the railing so you could touch the larger vehicular props hanging up high from the ceiling.

You refer to receipts for junk food fished out of the trash can of a local studio's set as "elusive preproduction artifacts."

When you break a dish or plate all you can think about is the prices that all those Titantic dishes went for on ebay.

You actually have referred to an icecube in a sink as a "miniature scale replica Titantic set piece."

You are a movieprop collector if you have read this far and still hope there is more.

You have actually thought of purchasing an unrecognizeable one half pound chunk of the ship from the movie Titantic just so you can have something from the movie.

You bought a bunch of behind the scenes poloroids from a given producton and then claimed to all your friends that you have all these things at your house and know all the stars personally.

You actually thought about trying to take some of the larger worthless Roger Rabbit set pieces such as the wooden boxes that were laying all over the place at MGM studios in Disney World.

You are a movieprop collector if you pray for the day that will be launched so that you can view stuff like this list all day long.

You didn't much like the 3-D animation effects movies Toy Story or Antz because they just didn't have enough physical props that you could hope to purchase some day.

You avoid using the phrase stormtrooper costume when talking of Star Wars and instead always use the phrase more popular with unlicensed replicators which is "white body armor."

You have actually visited old camera stores in the hopes of locating the main part needed to build lightsabers.

When you visited Planet Hollywood you actually knew immediately that things described as "like used in production X" were not orginal screen used items.

You actually took a pinch off of a rubber Aliens Queen replica on display at a planet hollywood just so that you could "bring home a little bit more of the movie."

You have actually called the owner of the collection in regards to an item you couldn't possibly ever afford but are interested in anyway just in case.

You refer to Stormtrooper laser pistols not as Stomtrooper laser pistols but rather as modified Sterling firearms from England.

You have actually practiced before a camera the art of faking an immovable molded trigger being pulled just like it is done in Hollywood with certain sci-fi weapons.

You have actually purchased a cool looking gun from your local toystore and painted it just to see if it could have been "prop worthy."

You hate airplanes because when you type the word prop into search engines you don't get movie prop sites but rather thousands of airplane prop/propeller sites.

You actually refer to some auctions and dealers by the first name of the person in charge of them. Instead of Heather Holmberg's Collectible.Com you call it heathers haven, and instead of Reel Clothes you call it "Lenny's" land

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