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In this issue:

MTV Hosts auction of Music and Hollywood Related Memorabilia on ebay. Info at

Toys R Gus one of the greatest Star Wars Collecting sites in the world was involved in a domain name dispute with Toys R US

Battlestar Galactica ship recently restored

General Trivia/Knowledge Test

Site Updates: Message Board added that supports picture url's, Battlestar Galactica section updated and more

Planned Future Site Updates

MTV recently has been announcing their auction of "coolcrap" on their cable channel. The MTV url to read more about this auction is The url on ebay to view all of the things they have up for auction is Distinctly on the air MTV did mention a Marilyn Manson Celebrity Deathmatch clay figure for sale but it is not present in the list of items up for auction. The prices being realized for the items in the auction are quite humorous. $2375 is the current bid on a pool table used in a Madonna video for instance. All of the item descriptions are extremely limited. The proceeds from the auction are going to a charitable organization. That one is MTV's stop the violence campaign. However the campaign often spreads a false reality of crime and criminal misuse of firearms. MTV's stop the violence campaign often amounts to a "Disarm ones neighbor and countryman campaign" The auction is somewhat interesting however and it is the first to be promoted so much to such a wide audience. That might help explain the bids so far.

Toys R Gus has recently had somewhat of a debacle with Toys R Us over his domain name and its close similarity to Toys R US. This is particularly interesting because the new Star Wars movie is about to be unveiled across the United States. is the best Star Wars collecting related site in the world featuring information about toys, promotional material, replica costumes, original props and costumes and more. Read more about this matter which was recently settled at

Recently the famous Battlestar Galactica ship was sold from Universal Studios to a private collector. Some restoration work was done on this massive ship. Ed Miarecki helped perform most of the restoration work. His site is at Andrew Probart the original costume design sketch artist for the Cylons helped recreate a miniature 4 inch across or so Matte Painting of the landing bay as part of the new restoration work. His site is at's Battlestar Galactica pages have been greatly expanded. View these expansions at

Trivia/General Knowledge Test. Question: This nation provides imprisonment terms of up to ten years for the posession of hand held ballistic knives (blade propels from the handle by force of a spring) Choices Communist China, Occupied Kosovo, Lybia, England, The United States. Guess which country you believe it would be then visit to find out the answer and the literal text of that nations knife conrol laws as well as the evolution of such laws.


Site Updates: added prop and costume collecting message board capable of displaying pictures from external url's

Battlestar Galactica pages updated

Crawldaddy additional collecting topics indexed included militaria, autographs, and all collecting related magazines view them at


Planned Future Site Updates:

Prop and Costume- include galleries of more collections of production used hollywood items. Online prices realized of all Production used items for all auctions for the last several years.

Tv and Movie Pages- Planet of the Apes pages, and movie review pages for many movies

Political section: Coverage of all knife control laws, slingshot limitation laws, Firearms limitation laws, and all laws of tyranny from Singapore's law against the selling of bubble gum, to California's emerging selective control laws against possessing bullet proof vests.

Crawldaddy - index topic by topic all collecting related fields. Disney related collectibles are being indexed now.

New site sections being considered for extensive coverage include toy guns, sport used items, and more general celebrity item coverage (non hollywood production used)


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