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Night of the Creeps

A meteor crashes on the Earth in the 50's bringing with it a parasitic alien form of life. One man is infected but frozen in a cryogenic state until the present. Two college fraternity students thaw out the infected body as part of an initiation for their fraternity. It seems stealing corpses makes for a good initiation ceremony. The body they stole awakens, and runs amock within the college. It eats people until finally the parasitic slugs in its brain grow to maturity. The head then bursts open and slugs move throughout the university in search of new hosts. The slugs enter hosts through their mouths and lay eggs within the brain.

One of the college student's that thawed out the slug infected body teams up with a crazed cop. Together they raid a local depot of weapons from police headquarters and set out to eliminate everyone who has been infected by the slugs. They use duct tape on their mouths so the slugs can't enter their mouths and arm themselves with a shotgun and a mini flame thrower. Their pattern of attack is simple, shotgun those infected in the head and then torch the slugs when they try to escape from their hosts.

The movie poked fun of a variety of movies, and even named characters after famous Horror directors. The college itself in the movie, is named Corman University after B movie director Roger Corman. Night of the Creeps is an obscure zombie classic. Amidst parties and going out, teens are eaten and invaded by alien slugs. Then the heros come in to shotgun and torch things back to normal. Its a funny movie with futuristic guns, and a unique appeal.



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