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The Rocky saga is famous for really two things. One is the tremendous beatings that Rocky takes and the second is the extreme trainings sessions Rocky undertakes afterwords to try to regain his dignity. A hell of a beating invigorates the soul. Rocky trains as low tech as possible. Rocky has made the one arm pushup the exercize of champions. In Rocky IV traning is actually undertaken in a barn. Rocky chose to do without high tech traning methods such as his Russsian competitor is famous for. Instead he chops trees down to the ground and even climbs a mountain all by himself. Now thats the type of training that makes a simple boxing match a piece of cake. Rocky trains for the impossible so that he can do the improbable in the ring. Rocky always has his friends to help him with his training. They basically make him mad and show him that he is merely human. This drives the champion to reach for the eye of the tiger and pursue the perfection of a machine in motion. With his characteristic grunt and the slurred speach of a simple man Rocky really does inspire strength traning worldwide today.


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