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Pulp Fiction

This film like many Tarantino directed movies is rather cerebral as it is shown out of its natural chronological order. The film has a trio of stories all taking place within the movie. John Travolta and another actor play professional killers. The movie begins with these two sitting down to eat a meal in a restaurant and then a robbery begins. This is ironic considering two paid killers are part of those going to be robbed. The movie then skips to a scene of the two paid killers going to make a house call. They are trying to scare someone. John Travolta accidentally shoots someone in the head and then a "fixer" is called in to clean up the mess. John Travolta later meets a girl who is related to his boss. She nearly dies of a drug overdose until a needle of medicine is thrusted into her heart to revive her.

Another story taking place is that of a fighter played by Bruce Willis. He is payed to take a dive against another fighter. He seems confident that he can throw the match with no regrets at first. But then he starts to think about his dad and his tales of life in a POW camp. His dad had hidden a watch in his ass for many years so that it would not be found by the guards. He later gave this watch to his son, Bruce Willis. After thinking about this story of his dad, and his never say die attitude he decides that he just can't throw the match. He fights like he never fought before and then flees because the mob is now after him.

The movie then takes the viewer back to the restaurant at the beginning of the film. There a few more details are revealed. Two amateur theives prepare to rob the whole restaurant. They finally make it to the table of John Travolta and his black friend. The Black hit man tells them that he is the shephard, and quotes a passage from the bible, "I will walk through the valley of the shadow of death." He states that he is the shephard and that they are the lamb. He convinces them that to rob him would be foolish. The movie features a wide variety of biblical quotes by this character. These lines make for many interesting one liners.

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