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Reservoir Dogs Movie

A jewelry store robbery goes bad for a small band of gangsters. They each take out on foot and rendevous at a small house. The movie is shown out of its natural chronological order. The story is about a mob boss picking a group to hit the jewlery store seen at the beginning of the film. An old friend has just gotten out of prision and he is highly trusted by the mob boss and by his son. The men are given names like Mr Blue and Mr Pink so that none of the men would know the others real name. One of the criminal's captures a police officer that was chasing them. He is tied and tortured. While upbeat songs are playing on the radio his ear is cut off. In the corner one of the robbers lies bleeding. Before the police officer who is tied up dies, this man rises and shoots up the torturer of the policeman and then says that he is an undercover cop. Undercover or not he is no differerent from the criminals at this point.

The movie ends with guns pointing at everyone as the mob boss and his son aim to kill the person they believe is an undercover police officer. But two of the criminals do not think he is an undercover officer so they raise their weapons to refuse the attack. All of these men shoot and most instantly hit the floor dead at the same time. One man who survived and believed his fellow pal was not a copper that betrayed him is told the truth and then he kills the cop.

The movie has a unique story and presents crime life as it most likely is. Swearing, talk of past jobs, and time in the joint are standard fare here. Some who see this film complain of the language and characters. The simple response to their complain is just how do they believe criminals would act? The film, shown out of chronological order, presents a rather cerebral point of view for the viewer to interprete the film from.

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