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Face Off

This film starred both Nicholas Cage and John Travolta in a movie in which they actually switch roles during the movie. At first Nicholas Cage plays a criminal mastermind which is finally captured. In order to stop his operations police detective John Travolta takes the face of Nicholas Cage and assumes his idenitity. A microchip allows for the proper voice to be produced. He then travels to the accomplices of this old criminal enemy and prepares to take them all in by tricking them first.

Nicholas Cage escapes and ultimately goes to the doctor that took his face. He has Travolta's face put on his body, and a sound chip installed to mimmic his voice. He then assumes the identity of the police detective that stalked hime for so many years. He enjoys time with the detective's wife and enjoys his new found police powers. He hunts Nicholas Cage, and no one it seems knows that the detective is really the criminal they all seek. The movie ends with a massive pistol battle. With action and intrigue, Face Off presents a battle between two monumental figures on screen.

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