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Terminator Movie Characters

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Sarah Connor
A waitress struggling to find purpose. She will be the mother of humanity's great leader in a future war against the machines. A human protector from the future arrives in present day Los Angeles to protect her from machines dispatched to the past to kill her. Sarah is timid and weak but with time she will develop into a great warrior and teacher for her son John.

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Kyle Reese

Kyle Reese is a disiplined soldier from the year 2029. There he leads attacks against machine forces that seek to eradicate man from the Earth. Kyle volunteers for a mission to protect his leader's mother, Sarah Connor in past from a Terminator attack aimed at wiping her out and the future leader of humanity's resistance as well. Kyle is resourceful with explosives and with war techniques. He finds that in the past with inferior weapons to what he is accostumed to that stopping a Terminator is quite a challenge. Kyle is arrested by local authorities but escapes and protects Sarah with his life.

The Terminator: Arnold Schwarznegger

The ultimate war machine, the Terminator exists as a microprocessor controlled robot camaflauged within human flesh and blood. The Terminator feels no, pity, no pain, and no remorse. Its programmed to kill and thats what it does. The Terminator was dispatched to Los Angeles in the past with a mission of killing Sarah Connor, the mother of humanity's greater leader against machine agression in the future. The Terminator kills all the Sarah Connor's in Los Angeles in alphabetical order. One cop jokes that a phonebook killer is on the loose. But the Terminator doesen't know humor of any sorts as it quickly kills 17 cops in a police station in his quest to find Sarah Connor after asking politely where she is of course first. The Terminator can not be bargained with, only being terminated can cancel its mission.

Ginger played by Bess Motta

Ginger is Sarah's roommate. The Terminator mistakes her for Sarah Connor and kills her as part of its systematic plan to get rid of the actual Sarah it was sent to kill. Ginger performs aerobic dancing in the movie, and the actress that played Ginger actually starred in a low budget aerobics workout series. As the Terminator searches for Ginger, she wears her headphones and fixes herself a snack. As she relaxes her boyfriend fights for his life against the Terminator in another room. After her boyfriend appears dead on the floor before her, she screams, and turns and runs. Arnold pops her in the back with his laser scoped pistol, and that was the end of dear Ginger.

Ginger's Boyfriend, Matt

Matt plays Ginger's boyfriend. Early on in the movie Matt calls Ginger's apartment only to reach Sarah instead. Although he doesen't know who he is speaking to, he proceeds with a corny series of sexual come ons beginning with, "First I take the buttons off your blouse one by one." After realizing his mistake of talking to Sarah instead of Ginger he apologizes to Sarah who then hands the call off to Ginger. When the Terminator comes in search of Sarah Connor at her apartment, Matt fights the Terminator in hand to hand combat. He does remarkably well and lasts longer than nearly anyone the Terminator has faced before. But finally Matt lands on the floor dead, and Ginger is then killed.

Sarah Connor Lady

This actress was a Sarah Connor that the Terminator killed in its path to get to the real Sarah Connor. When the Terminator arrives at her house she answers her front door by cracking it open a bit while keping a chain lock on the door. After Arnold confirms that the lady at the door is Sarah Connor, he rushes in and eliminates this woman. The red dot from his laser scope glares on her face before he finally pulls the trigger with ease and moves on.

Police Pschologist

Silverman is a police pschologist that not only enjoys studying the pschology of criminals, he even delights when he finds more particulary crazy specimens to study. Silverman analyzes Kyle Reese and his story about being a soldier from the future sent to save the mother of a leader from the future. Silverman gets Kyle mad as Kyle then asks for someone who is in authority. Silverman finds the whole thing hillarious, and jokes with Sarah that Reese in technical terms is a loon. Silverman will come to see the truth of Kyle's Reese's story in the second Terminator movie.

Gun Store Clerk

This gun store clerk sits in his shop just hoping to make a few sales before closing up. When the Terminator arrives at the shop it inquires about a wide variety of weapons, including an Uzi, and a "45 Long Slide with laser site" as well as a few other guns. The Terminator even asks if a phase plasma rifle in the 40 watt range is available. The clerk takes it as an attempt at humor and responds back "only what you see pal." After thinking that a big sale is in order, the clerk proclaims that perhaps he will be closing early today. Arnold then grabs a shot gun shell, loads it and shoots the clerk dead before making off with his weapons.

Future War Terminator

In the future war scenes that Kyle Reese tells Sarah about, Terminator infiltration units often would attempt to gain entry to human hideouts deep within the Earth. This Terminator in particular is played by bodybuilder Franco Columbo. Franco Columbo appeared in many of the World's Strongest Man contests in the 80's. With a big gun hidden beneath his clothing the Termiator reveals himself to barking dogs and meager human resistance. It fires an automatic laser gun, while Kyle Reese and others in effect snipe back with inferior single shot laser weapons. It moves forward at full speed blasting everything it can as quickly as it can.

Cop 1

This is an assitant to Lietenant Traxler. He calms Sarah's fears that her stalker is a machine rather than just a man. He suggests the man after her was probably on PCP and broke every bone in his body although he won't feel it for hours. This cop particpates in the questioning of Kyle Reese and his incarceration. After the Terminator attacks police headquarters he emerges from the darkness yells "Hey" and fires his machine gun at the Terminator who then fires back with both a shotgun and a submachine gun. That seemed to silence this cop.

Police Desk clerk

At first glance this is a really minor character in the movie. But he was a part of one of the most memorable exchanges of dialogue in movie history. This desk clerk sits busy scribbling notes on paper as he is greeted by the Terminator with "Hello, I am a friend of Sarah Connor, I was told she was here, may I see her please." The desk sergeant responds that there are no visitors allowed and points to a waiting area where the Terminator can stay. Arnold then peers about, and walks toward the glass shielding the clerk from the outside and proclaims "I'll be back" Just moments later the Terminator rams a truck through the front of the police station and sends this clerk to his death. That opened the legendary cop scene from the Terminator.

Lieutenant Traxler

Lietuenant Traxler studies the carnage being wrought on the city by the Terminator from police headquarters. He jokes that the systematic nature of killing Sarah Connors makes this serial killer the phone book killer. Traxler complains his coffee is too cold and finally talks with the real Sarah Connor at the police station after Kyle and her are arrested. Sarah inquires as to how a man can punch through a window or take bullets like the Terminator did. Traxler responds he probably was wearing body armor just as their attack guys. Traxler comforts Sarah with the legendary line "We've got 30 cops in this building." Of course 17 of them are killed by the Terminator later on.

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