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Dustin Diamond

*Also See Screech Character Profile

General Sites features biography, filomography, photos, forum, and links. a bio and fan stories about meeting the actor. a fan's story about meeting the actor. a site that ranks how annoying certain actors and actresses are. This is the page for Dustin Diamond.

Galleries features two pages of thumbnailed images of the actor most from his role on Saved by the Bell. pictures of Dustin Diamond doing standup comedy. features an image of the actor as a former child star.

Filmography and Bio features filmography, bio, photos, and links. contains a brief bio and filmography features a filmography and a brief bio

Interviews an interview with Dustin Diamond conducted by a former Production Assistant on Saved by the Bell the New Class. an interview with the actor done during a Wrestling tour. an interview with Dustin Diamond about his band.

Articles an article about the actor's interest in chess and his role in the movie Dickie Roberts. an article about Dustin Diamond's standup comedy performance at the University of Wisconsin. an essay about Dustin Diamond's role as Screech.

Forums the Internet Movie Database's forum for the actress a forum for disussing Dustin Diamond's character from Saved by the bell. Forum requires registration before you can view it.

Salty the Pocket Knife (Dustin Diamond's Band) features background on the Dustin Diamond band via interviews with band members. interview with band members. official record company of Salty the Pocket Knife the band

Star Dates a forum discussing the TV show Star Dates including the Dustin Diamond episode. features a video clip in realmedia format of Dustin Diamond's from "Star Dates" and a list of unique trivia about the actor.

Multimedia and Fun some funny parody style Dustin Diamond comic strips; select others about the actor by selecting them from the drop down menu on the page.

Directory Sites and Links,_Dustin/ a directory of sites for the actor broken down by type.

Archived Sites

*So many inactive basically dead former Dustin Diamond sites I figured they were worth listing.

Archived Anti Screech Page an interesting site which originally told of an ownership dispute between the actor and a domain name owner for the domain now its owned by an unrelated company and used to forward unrelated traffic to advertisers. basically a placeholder page is up and no real content as of March 2006 the official site which is currently basically down as of March 2006 with a placeholder page up forthe music group Dustin Diamond is a part of had downloads, and message boards before.

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