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Grade 10 Episode Guide

The Prom

Zack plans to take Kelly to the prom, and Kelly greatly looks forward to the dance until she discovers that her dad has lost his job and money will be tight. Kelly tells her father that she can go without the prom and the dress she wanted to help the family out. She lies to her father and tells her that she doesen't mind not going to the prom. Zack plans a surprise and leads Kelly to a candlelight table near the dance. Kelly and Zack have their first kiss. Slater and Jessie go to the Prom together.

Zack's War

Mr Belding forces Zack to join the ROTC program at Bayside in an attempt to reform him. The rest of the gang joins as well. The ROTC instructer decides to split the cadets into two groups for competition and lets Zack pick the people that will be on his team. Zack picks all the jocks and the instructer than promptly puts him on the other team which he didn't pick which included, Screech, Kelly, and Lisa. The Jock team included, Jessie and Slater. Zack tries to quit the corp because the teams seem unfair. Since Zack picked the teams, the instructer told Zack that they should be fair. To get out of the corp Zack's team would have to win. Zack prepares to win and motivates his meager troops. The outcome of the great competition between the two groups comes down to one event; a race between Screech and a jock which Screech wins. Zack is given his chance to quite ROTC, but then tells the instructer "the core doesen't like quiters" and agrees to stay.

Save the Max

The favorite hang out for the kids from Bayside is scheduled to be shutdown due to increasing costs that its owner Max just can't bear any more. The Bayside Radio Station KKTY is brought back on the air to broadcast from the Max in a desperate attempt to raise money necessary to save the place. Everything is going well as the phone call donations are coming in at a good pace until it starts to become the early hours of the morning. Slater comes in and sees that everyone is nearly asleep and pumps up the place and makes a speech about how he never had a place to hang growing up as he moved from place to place with his army dad. Phone calls start pouring in and the Max is saved.

Drivers Education

Zack tries to rig things so that Slater will fail his drivers ed test. This plan backfires when instead of framing Slater, the cart wrecks and injures Kelly. The drivers ed cart is wrecked inside the school and someone must answer for the damages. Kelly discovers what Zack has done and works with Slater to concoct a story that Kelly is crazy. Kelly comes to see Zack and Zack is afraid for his life. The plan works and Zack learns that deception sometimes comes at a cost.

House Party

Zack decides to throw a party at Screech's house when Screech's mom goes out of town. A valued statue of Elvis gets damaged during the party and a plan to cover up the damage ensues.

Blind Dates

Belding threatens Zack with detention for a prior prank if he does not agree to take Belding's neice out on a date. This proves troublesome because Zack already has a date planned. Zack talks Screech into pretending to be Zack and sends him on the date with Belding's neice. It was quite funny watching Screech with his blonde wig and Zack mannerisims which he really did a good job with. Lisa goes on a date with a really tall guy. Slater goes on a date with a really atheletic black girl that gets pumped during killings in movies.

Rent A Pop

Zack gets a bad grade in school and fears the consequences of his dad finding out. Zack hires an actor named James to play his dad who is scheduled to meet with Mr Belding about the bad grade. Zack also uses the actor to pretend to be Mr Belding when Zack's real dad comes to the school to talk about Zack's grade. The plan is running smoothly until Zack and his dad are at a festival. Mr Belding is in an event where you can get him dumped in the water if you hit the bullseye with a baseball. Zack's father succeeds but then Zack's gig is up as Mr Belding and Zack's father now realize that they have been duped by Zack.

Miss Bayside

Zack bets with Slater that he can assure that anyone he wishes wins the Miss Bayside contest. Slater agrees to the bet and chooses Screech as the person he wishes to see as Miss Bayside. Jessie finds the whole beauty contest a sexist display of barbarism and protests the entire thing. The crowd starts to feel sympathy and respect for Screech and his quest to become Miss Bayside. Coming across the stage Mr Belding sings "Here she comes Miss Bayside." as Screech holds his flowers and quietly walks.

Jessie's Song

Jessie joins a singing trio with Kelly, and Lisa but finds that it is difficult to find time for singing and her studies. Jessie starts to take caffeine pills so she can keep up on everything including a particularly difficult Geometry exam. Things start to fall apart for her as she becomes addicted to the pills. Slater finds pills in Jessie's bookbag while looking for a pencil for class. Slater confronts her but it does no good. Zack doesen't believe Jessie has a problem even though Slater tells him. Zack ultimately discovers Jessie's addiction and tries to help but at first she won't listen. Jessie eventually agrees she needs help. During one singing tryout Jessie screams "I'm so excited" as part of her song but the pills have made her so excited that she sounds terrible, and tired. At the shows end, music executives come to the Max to watch the trio sing. Jessie is absent because of her problem, and Screech has to fill in. Screech gets bumped all over the place by Kelly and Lisa, its quite funny.

Model Students

Zack is put in charge of running the school store at Bayside. Zack decides that a way to really increase business would be to have a Girls of Bayside calendar to sell in the store. Screech is sent in Scuba diving gear to secretly get pictures of the schools female swimming team. The pictures are used to create a calendar, the only problem is that there only were 11 members on the swimming team and 12 pictures were needed. A photo of Mr Belding's face was put on another girl's body for the 12th photo of the calendar. The calendar sells well at the store, until the girls become upset that their pictures were used without their permissions. A famous magazine photographer finds out about the calendar and agrees to make one of the Girls of Bayside a model and offer them a trip to France. Kelly is chosen but Zack tries to talk her out of it, until the photographer tells Zack that kelly "is really lucky to have a guy like you." This makes Zack feel guilty even though a month in Paris is like many years in teen years as Zack puts it.

1-900 Crushed

Zack decides to start a 900 advice line called teenline as part of a scheme to make money. Lisa answers the calls giving her own brand of advice on relationships, but she quickly becomes upset with how Zack is treating her. Zack goes by the name Nitro and begins answering calls. He gets one call from Kelly's sister at the teen line and later accidentally mistakes Kelly's sister for Kelly and tells her that he loves her. Zack has a difficult time stratening things out.

Running Zack

Zack has to complete a research project about his familys heritage before he will be able to run in an important track meet. Zack has difficulty finding anything about his ancestry until he finds an Indian that tells him all that he needs to know.

The Fabulous Belding Brothers

Mr Belding's brother Rod comes to Bayside and serves as a substitute teacher that all the students adore. He promises the gang a white water rafting adventure trip but backs out before it is planned. Mr Belding has to tell the gang that Rod found a pretty airline stewardess and he won't be back anymore. Mr Belding takes the gang on the trip instead.

From Nurse to Worse

Zack starts to fall for Bayside's new school nurse. He fakes illnesses just to get to see her. She finally catches on and plays a seductive game with Zack which causes Zack to see how much he really does care for Kelly instead.

Breaking Up is Hard to Undo

This is the episode where the guys break up with the girls and Mr Belding leads the guys in male bonding rituals. Slater and Jessie break up over a ballet and Zack and Kelly break up over Kelly's exboyfriend who is now in town. Mr Belding is tired of his mother in law and is boycoting his wife. Mr Belding urges the men to remain strong as the women will eventually have to beg to have them back. Ultimately the strength of the male group dissolves as each go off to whine their way back into the lives of their women with flowers, praise, and other things.

The Glee Club

Everyone joins the glee club, but their singing sucks. Violet, Screech's girlfriend joins and their singing finally becomes quite good. The Bayside team competes with other teams for a trip to Hawaii and wins.

Video Yearbook

Zack decides to produce a girls of bayside video to make money just as he did with his girls of bayside calendar. The videotape includes dating tips and information about the hottest girls of Bayside. The video leads to one unexpected result, everyone now wants Kelly.

Snow White and the Seven Dorks

The Drama Teacher decides to make a rap version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Jessie is cast as Snowwhite, and Zack is cast as the prince. The play requires a kiss between Jessie and Zack to bring Snow White back to life. At first they refuse but then kiss and then question rather they really like each other. The play finally is shown, the storyline is altered dramatically but the gang pulls off the play.

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